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Skin Surgery Clinic Auckland

The Skin Surgery Clinic is one of the largest providers of Skin Cancer Surgery in New Zealand.

It was founded in 1996 by Dr Sharad P. Paul with the aim of providing excellence in dermatosurgery at an affordable cost. The clinic offers complete skin cancer care from simple excisions to reconstructive surgical procedures (usually after excision of skin cancers on noses, ears or lips) using flaps and grafts. The Skin Surgery Clinic does not perform 'retail cosmetic surgery' such as liposuction or 'appearance medicine' such as Botox injections.

The Skin Surgery Clinic, which is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Healthcare, New Zealand's largest health insurer has a fully equipped day surgery facility able to handle all aspects of complex cutaneous surgery. Since 1996, the Skin Surgery Clinic has performed more than 30,000 operations giving its staff a wealth of experience.


Since 1996, the practice has offered free dermoscopic skin cancer examinations -- patients are able to book in for a free check of suspicious moles or spots. We do have facilities to store dermoscopic images or photographs if needed. The Skin Surgery Clinic performs over 7000 free consultations a year.